Silver Hair Sticks

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Silver is a special kind of metal, and silver has a long history as a hair stick. Silver hair sticks (zanzi hair sticks), using traditional craftsmanship and modern pragmatism, are beautiful and easy to use, and can also be used for self-defense.


Maintenance of silver jewelry

1. Do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry, so as to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.

2. Keep the silver jewelry dry, don't swim with it, and never approach the hot springs and sea waters. After each wear, you can gently wipe with cotton or facial tissue to remove moisture and dirt, and then store it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air.

3. The best maintenance method of silver jewelry is to wear it daily because the human body oil can produce a warm natural luster.

4. Silver jewelry with delicate and three-dimensional sculptures, avoiding deliberate wiping.


5. When silver jewelry is not often worn, the surfaces will appear patina, which is because it contains a small amount of copper, and most of them can maintain brightness after polishing such as silver cloth. It is recommended to use soda powder to polish the silver jewelry, which is natural and cheap.


6. If you find that silver jewelry shows signs of yellowing, you should use a jewelry brush to clean the fine seams of silver jewelry, and then use a silver cloth to gently wipe the surface, so that silver jewelry can restore its original silver white and brightness. Here is a suggestion: if the use of silver cloth can fix about 80% of the silver white condition, there is no need to use a Silver polish, because these products have a certain degree of corrosiveness, and silver jewelry will become more and more likely to turn yellow. The silver cloth contains silver maintenance ingredients and should not be washed.


7. If the silver jewelry is not preserved properly after wearing it, it is very likely that the silver jewelry will turn black. At this time, a small jewelry brush should be used to clean the fine seam of the jewelry, and then a drop of silver polish should be wiped on the facial paper, and the black oxide on the surface of the silver jewelry should be wiped off, and then the original brightness of the jewelry should be restored with a silver cloth. After that, we must remember to do a good job of daily general maintenance to avoid silver jewelry from turning black again, and silver jewelry is difficult to wipe white after many times of blackening.