Jade Hair Sticks

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What is a jade hair stick?

Jade hair sticks are traditional Asian hair jewels. The jade hair stick is a symbol of love. In ancient times, men would buy jade hair sticks for the woman they liked to show their love. If you accept it, indirectly tell him that you like him.


In China, the character has a history of five thousand years, Tang poetry is only more than a thousand years old, and Song porcelain is less than a thousand years old. Only jade has a long history, and jade culture runs through the long history of the development of Chinese civilization. Some people may ask, jade is cold, not warm, and fragrant, why do people love it?

jade hair sticks

The Jade hair stick is a symbol of love

Among the many jade ornaments, women have a special love for jade hairpins. Jade hairpin is also called jade noodles, jade scratching head, commonly used headdresses for ancient women, and is also a souvenir of love between men and women when they are in love. It is the man who gives it to his beloved woman to show his love to her. and if the woman accepts the jade hairpin, it means that she agrees with the man's pursuit.


There was also a custom of parting between lovers in ancient times, in which a woman broke the hairpin on her head and split it in two, half of it to her beloved, and half of it to keep for herself. Wait until you see each other again. Therefore, the jade hairpin has become a symbol of love.


Legend has it that Emperor Wu of Han once went to the palace of Lady Li, who suddenly felt an itch on her head, so he pulled out the jade hairpin on her head to tickle, so it was alias - jade scratching head. The news quickly spread throughout the harem, and the women outside the palace for a while took the jade hairpin as a priority so that the price of jade in Chang'an exploded.


Pros of Jade Hair Sticks

  1. 1. Natural Beauty. Jade is a gift from nature, each piece unique, sturdy, and delicate. Its deep color and luster make jade hair stick an especially elegant accessory.

  2. 2. Uniqueness. As jade is a natural material, each piece varies in color, pattern, and transparency. Thus, each jade hair stick is one-of-a-kind, displaying the charm of hand-carved artistry.

  3. 3. Ideal for Gifting. Jade hair sticks are neither too luxurious nor too cheap, making them a perfect gift. Whether for a birthday or a holiday, they're a great choice for loved ones or friends with long hair.

jade hair stick with details

Cons of Jade Hair Sticks

  1. 1. Fragility. Due to the brittle nature of jade, jade hair sticks need to be handled with care. Especially when using them to style hair, too much force could cause the stick to break.
  2. 2. Natural Imperfections. Jade naturally has "cotton floss, stone flowers, stone spots, texture, impurities, mineral deficiency, cracks" and other natural phenomena. These are unavoidable. Also, the hand-carving process may occasionally result in some roughness or unevenness, but this is not a quality issue, it's a characteristic of hand carving.

How to Buy Genuine Jade Hair Sticks

Distinguishing between natural and synthetic jade can be a daunting task. Natural jade often tends to be undervalued compared to its synthetic counterpart, primarily due to its natural imperfections. However, these imperfections - whether they be cotton-like inclusions, flaws, or textures - are the hallmarks of authentic jade.

But, synthetically treated jade hair sticks, though might appear glossy and perfect due to strong acid dyeing, impurities removal, bleaching, and even filling. Prolonged skin contact with such treated jade can be harmful. Hence, it's crucial to be discerning. The beauty of real jade is not compromised by its natural flaws. As the saying goes, "Flaws do not obscure virtue."

How to Use a Jade Hair Stick

Using a jade hair stick can add a touch of elegance to your look. Here are the steps on how to style with a jade hair stick:

A woman wearing a jade hair stick
  1. 1. Prepare Your Hair. First, comb your hair to remove any tangles. Gather your hair into a ponytail at the back of your head.
  2. 2. Wrap Your Hair. Place the hair stick above your hair, then wrap your hair around the hair stick in a clockwise direction. The number of wraps will depend on the length of your hair. Keep wrapping until you have only a small amount of hair left unwrapped.
  3. 3. Secure Your Hair. When you get to the final wrap, loosen it slightly. Lift the last loop of hair near your scalp and hold it in place with your left hand. Make sure the larger end of the hair stick is facing upwards and the pointed end is ready to be inserted into your hair. Pierce the hair stick into your hair, ensuring it comes out from the spot held by your hand.

And there you have it! Your hair is now styled using a jade hair stick. It might take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, you'll find it's a quick and easy way to style your hair while adding a touch of elegance.

How is a Jade Hair Stick Made?

The process of making a jade hair stick is similar to that of making a wooden hair stick. It involves several steps: selecting the material, drawing the design, carving, and polishing.

  1. 1. Material Selection: The first step is to choose a high-quality piece of jade. The jade should be free of cracks or large inclusions that could compromise the integrity of the hair stick.
  2. 2. Design: The next step is to sketch the desired design on the jade. This could be a simple geometric shape or a more complex design like a flower or animal.
  3. 3. Carving: Once the design is finalized, carving begins. This is the most challenging part of the process, as jade is a hard stone that requires special tools to carve. The artisan uses a high-speed rotary tool with a diamond-tipped bit to carefully carve the design into the jade.
  4. 4. Polishing: After the carving is complete, the jade hair stick is polished. This involves grinding the surface of the jade with a series of increasingly fine abrasives to smooth out any rough spots and bring out the jade's natural luster.
  5. 5. Final Inspection: The final step is a thorough quality check to ensure there are no flaws in the jade hair stick and that it meets the artisan's exacting standards.


The entire process requires a high level of skill and patience, as each jade hair stick is a unique piece of art crafted by hand. We made a video of it, you can see it below: