Jade Hair Sticks

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Jade hair sticks are traditional Asian hair jewels. The jade hair stick is a symbol of love. In ancient times, men would buy jade hair sticks for the woman they liked to show their love. If you accept it, indirectly tell him that you like him.


In China, the character has a history of five thousand years, Tang poetry is only more than a thousand years, and Song porcelain is less than a thousand years old. Only jade has a long history, and jade culture runs through the long history of the development of Chinese civilization. Some people may ask, jade is cold, not warm and fragrant, why do people love it?


The Jade hair stick is a symbol of love

Among the many jade ornaments, women have a special love for jade hairpins. Jade hairpin is also called jade noodles, jade scratching head, commonly used headdresses for ancient women, and is also a souvenir of love between men and women when they are in love. It is the man who gives it to his beloved woman to show his love to her. and if the woman accepts the jade hairpin, it means that she agrees with the man's pursuit.


There was also a custom of parting between lovers in ancient times, in which a woman broke the hairpin on her head and split it in two, half of it to her beloved, and half of it to keep for herself. Wait until you see each other again. Therefore, the jade hairpin has become a symbol of love.


Legend has it that Emperor Wu of Han once went to the palace of Lady Li, who suddenly felt an itch on her head, so he pulled out the jade hairpin on her head to tickle, so it was alias - jade scratching head. The news quickly spread throughout the harem, and the women outside the palace for a while took the jade hairpin as a priority so that the price of jade in Chang'an exploded.