Crystal Hair Sticks


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Handmade Glaze Lotus Wooden Hair Stick

Handmade Glaze Lotus Wooden Hair Stick

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Handcrafted Silver Buyao Hair Stick

Handcrafted Silver Buyao Hair Stick

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Crystal hair sticks are perfect for long hair. Natural crystal contains a wealth of natural forces, also known as crystal energy, each crystal energy is different, and the effect on the human body is also different. So, you can DIY it. Choose the right crystal hair stick here.


The main component of natural crystal is silica, which has a birefringent hot spot; The artificially formed silica single crystal is called an artificial crystal, which grows more pure and flawless than natural crystal, has a uniform color, and has the physical and chemical properties of natural crystal.

The difference between natural crystal and artificial crystal:

1. The color distribution of natural crystal is uneven, there are irregular flakes and gas-liquid inclusions. Artificial crystals are more uniform in color and have a subcrystalline nucleus in the center, and the boundary line is clear.


2, if the natural crystal is looking at the sunlight or light, you can see the uniform and fine horizontal stripes or flocculent textures inside. Some crystals are smelted from crystal slag or glass fragments, and there are no stripes or willow flocculent textures in the sunlight.

3, natural crystal often has a variety of inclusions inside, and artificial crystal is very clean and flawless. With the help of a magnifying glass, bubbles can be seen in artificial crystals, but not natural crystals.