About us

Our Team

TheHairSticks.com is a team of artists and craftspeople. We are committed to the hair sticks blending classical elements with contemporary features, aimed at those looking for one-of-a-kind hair accessories.

All items are designed and crafted in our studio in China. TheHairSticks.com has no inventory. Each piece is made to order and can be dispatched worldwide.

We are constantly creating different hair sticks, trying out different materials, from wood, gold, silver, copper, to resin, crystal, gemstones, liquid metals, etc., trying different styles, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, African, etc. We are passionate about what we do and enjoy the process of creation. Hope to give you a different kind of beauty.


Our Values

In a world where machines produce most things, handmade items are rare and losing their unique charm. However, we believe that "Handmade" has a special beauty.

We are committed to pure handmade craftsmanship and hope to share this beauty with those who appreciate it. Each handmade creation is a complex process with countless steps and careful attention to detail.

Through handiwork, we transform natural elements into new and beautiful shapes. We believe this is a fascinating process, and we are dedicated to bringing this value to our customers.