The Nothing Hair Stick

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The Nothing Hair Stick

The Nothing Hair Stick

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Design: The nothing hair stick, is a natural, quaint, and simple hair stick. The original meaning of "nothing" is "no decoration, no intervention". The literal meaning is extended to "be safe and sound". The design idea of the "nothing" hair stick is derived from Taoists. When Taoists talk about "Wuwei", it is not to do nothing, but to "do not act chaotically, follow the way of heaven". The Nothing hair stick is not without decoration but goes with the flow, "repair the old as the old", and trim it into what it should be.

Material: Available in two materials. Cocobolo and Red Sandalwood.

Cocobolo. Cocobolo is a hardwood from a species of trees in Central America. It is well-known for its orange and red coloration. Often, there are irregular patterns throughout the wood, adding plenty of interest and variability.

Red Sandalwood. Red sandalwood is native and endemic to India. Red sandalwood grows very slowly, most of which take hundreds of years to mature, and the long growth time will produce a dreamy texture of the wood for many reasons, such as "fire pattern", "water ripple", "fish scale pattern", "dragon scale pattern" and so on. Items made from Red Sandalwood are alive, and over the course of a few months, their color will slowly darken due to oxidation, turning dark purple-red.

Length: approx. 180 mm

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